About Us

This website “Gharguti” is brought to you by the Ushakal group. “Ushakal” in English means ‘Early Morning’; ‘Dawn’ which in other languages mean अरुणोदय, सुबह, उदय, सुप्रभात, सवेरा. While “Gharguti” in Konkani means “Home Made” and since this website is dedicated to food it means “Home Made Food.” 

“Gharguti” is a sincere effort by ‘Ushakal Group’. ‘Gharguti’ website includes the most exotic and unique ‘Home Made’ traditional food recipes of Goa and other parts of India normally cooked in Goan homes. We have tried our best to keep the recipes simple, and easy to make cooking stress-free for the new-homemakers.  

Chief promoters and contributors to “Gharguti” include: health professional Uday Barad & engineering professional Shivani Prabhu Dessai, both are deeply involved in the art of home cooking for over 25 years. And a host of Goan guest contributors who take pride in ‘Home Cooking’ other than consuming restaurant and or fast foods sold outside. Special thanks go to a computer engineer, specialized in Android software designing and a connoisseur in food maters for initiating simple and user-friendly “Gharguti” website.  

If you have any questions regarding recipes and other items covered on this website, do not hesitate to contact us via our website. We love to get feedback and promise you we will do our best to solve your Kitchen, Food, and Cooking related queries.