Art Of Home Cooking

Think about your first attempt at Cooking! What memory pops up? Normally, we start some with good intentions. But we fall into the trap of thinking that all we need is a recipe. When that doesn’t work, we blame ourselves and too often move further away from the stove.

Learning to cook is like learning to ride a bike. We have to try stuff, make some truly dreadful, inedible things, and eventually, over time, figure it out. Everyone has to make plenty of mistakes in the kitchen before it’s time to host a dinner party.

People are afraid to drive, also, but everyone eventually gets in a car and drives. No one drives well the first time. And very few people are going to cook well the first time. You need to be willing to make mistakes… You have to say, ‘I have to go through a learning curve on this. Learning curves can be fun. I’m not going to be very good at it – but if I apply myself, after a while I’ll be good at it, and that will be really cool.’ And that’s the attitude you need to have in learning the art of cooking.

Here are expressions of famous personalities around the globe about Home Cooking:

  1. Cindy Morgan says “I love spending time with my friends and family. The simplest things in life give me the most pleasure: cooking a good meal, enjoying my friends.”
  2. While Zac Pose says, “I’m not a chef. But I’m passionate about food – the tradition of it, cooking it, and sharing it.”
  3. “One of the most meditative times of my day is when I’m cooking.” – Gabrielle Bernstein and David Chang say “Food, to me, is always about cooking and eating with those you love and care for.”