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Shepu Bhaji
Veg, Veg Breakfast

Soya Butter Masala/Soya Makhani

Butter Soya Chuck Curry, a very delicious and nutritious vegetarian dish. This dish is perfect with Chapati, roti, Paratha, naan or rice. Soya chunks also known as Nutrela chunks come in different brands and soya chunk sizes. Soya chucks are very high in Protein and a perfect option for all those vegetarians that lack the […]

Veg, Veg Breakfast

Foxtail Millet Rice Dosa

Foxtail Millet Rice Dosa is a very healthy food and very low in calories, plus it’s so delicious that you can never have enough of it. This is another staple that has been in India for centuries but under different names. This dosa gives you the best of both worlds, and is sure to become […]

Veg, Veg Breakfast

Hyderabadi Baingan

Hyderabadi Baingan is a delicious dish made with small baingans. It is a popular vegetarian recipe from the Hyderabadi cuisine and goes very well with biryani varieties or rotis or rice. This brinjal gravy is often made to serve as a side dish with biryani.