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Satvik Aahar, Veg

Nachni Satva – Ragi Pudding

Nachni Satva or Ragi Pudding is a rich source of iron, calcium, fibre and proteins. Ragi extract combined with coconut milk and jaggery and cooked to form a halwa that can be cut into pieces. Ingredients: Nachni/Ragi – 1 cup Grated Coconut – 1 cup Jaggery – 1 and 1/2 cup (see Tips) Salt – […]

Satvik Aahar, Veg

Ambadyachi Karam

Ambadyachi Karam is a Goan traditional dish and is normally prepared for Diwali celebrations, it is prepared even otherwise. The main ingredients are hog plums, coconut, and jaggery. It is flavored with Shankar chhap hing. Its preparation may vary from household to household, it can be cooked or kept uncooked. Cooking makes it tastier.

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Beetroot Paratha

Beetroot paratha is a healthy and nutrient red-colored flatbread recipe made with beetroot purée. It is an ideal morning breakfast recipe that can also be used for afternoon lunch and night dinner. It is generally eaten and served with pickle and raita, but can be served with any choice of dry or gravy based curries.

Satvik Aahar, Veg

Tomato Saar

Tomato Saar is basically a tangy, spicy tomato soupy curry preparation with curry leaves and chilies. It’s most commonly served during Goan religious festive time! The curry is light and a perfect summer accompaniment as part of the meal. Lightly spiced with curry leaves and dried red chilies for that smoky flavor. It goes well […]