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Veg, Veg Sambar

Onion Sambar

Onion sambar is a simple and easy sambar recipe made with small onions or shallots. The recipe is basically an extension to a typical south Indian sambar with a typical sambar powder but without all fancy vegetables in it. The recipe is an ideal side dish to steam rice and can be served for lunch […]

Veg, Veg Sambar

Idli Sambar

Idli Sambar is a lentil-based spicy curry made with a blend of spices and vegetables. Idli recipes are incomplete without chutney or sambar, and ideally, most of them crave for idli sambar combination for morning breakfast.

Veg, Veg Sambar

Eggplant Sambar

Eggplant Sambar is a delicious recipe characterized by a strong, refreshing & unique aroma and is central to South Indian cuisine. It is made primarily from toor, vegetables, tamarind & various spices. A meal of Sambar mixed with rice and eaten with some vegetable side dish followed by curd rice is a prime southern Indian […]